Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Afterall I'm still a lazy person.

HAAAAA, the taiwan photos are all uploaded here, thus you can click and view it! This time round i didn't really take too much pictures... 'cause all we do is just shopping and shopping and shopping so there is no need for pictures lah. =)

And yeah! Me and xue bought this perfume and it's really really really NICE! No wonder the jappy girls are using it like siao!

It's Angel Heart, Raspberry Pink. You can find them all over popteens' magazines...! At first i didn't really thought it was so good until i started to use it for the first time.


Smells sooooooooooo great!

And.. it's pink in color. =)

I wanna buyyyyyyyy more and stock up! As you know, a 50ml perfume will be finished pretty soon especially if i use it like every other day!

The lifetime of this perfume might only a few months yea? Have been using it for the past few days already..! =) and the sweet smell makes me happy!

Love it love it love it.

Will marry anyone who gets me the perfume!



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