Sunday, November 04, 2007

Urban Myth - Gloomy Sunday

It's not sure if you've heard of this before, but i just got to know it from a Variety Show yesterday. CREEPY.

Gloomy Sunday is a hungarian song composed by this guy called Rezso Seress, and apparently this song causes hundreds of suicides. They say the melodies of the song bring you into depression and makes you head for the window.

The original version of the song was then destroyed, and soon then many versions of the song were made but was said that none of the depressing melody were close to the original version.

I've listened to the orchestra version of Gloomy Sunday, and personally i think the melody is rather depressing but not to the extend of having depression or makes you wanna die. But erm, i've only played the song for like 1, 2 times... you know, just in case. =D

Here is the detailed information of this song, and if you shud be interested, maybe you would like to visit the link:

And if you want to hear the song, erm... the link is provided here as well BUT IF YOU ARE ALREADY FEELING DEPRESS, I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO LISTEN because i dun wan anyone to die, although this is said to be urban legend. I don't want to be responsible okay. Haaaaa.


Okay i admit the song is quite catchy and it's playing on and off my mind.

EWWW. *heads for....... breakfast!*

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