Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Everytime when i travel to BKK with them, i always come back with disappointment and seriously i think most of them are behaving this way.

I've talked about it many times but i just can't get over it.

For example my previous visit, i came to know that someone i respect alot in my company, is actually keeping a mistress over there. I mean, what's wrong with him?? Not that his wife is ugly, not that they're already an old couple, not that they don't have kids!!

They always behave to be a lovely couple in front of us; ya know, kissing her cheeks and doing little actions to show that he cares. We all thought they're really a good example of how married couple should be.

How were i to know, things changes once he's on a different island??? He totally ruined my good impression of him.

And this time round, someone i thought wouldn't dare to womanized around, actually went for it too! He actually has the cheek to tell us where they went and what they did. Never i thought he would be this kind of person; imagine i still told my colleagues earlier that i don't think he would dare to womanize? I always see him as a brother and he really really let us down.

They always say it's no big deal since they've no feelings for the girls, it's just purely for excitement...

Whatever it is, they have already lost my respect.

Well, luckily my boss is not this kind of person and i really respect him for that! :))))) Some of my guys also turn down the offer when they're approached by those freaks to go for those unhealthy spot; they say they're all vegetarians. =)

I'm glad that there are still exceptions.

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