Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm glad i kept my diaries; reading them once in a while really makes me giggle sometimes.

I could see how childish, how naive i was back in secondary school days. The things i wrote, the mindset i had is really funny! I think we should stop laughing at those little kids who always behave kiddish-ly... 'cause i bet we're once behaving like them too!

Check out the grades that i've strived to get for O'levels:

English - C5
Chinese - A2
Maths - A2
Science - A2
Geography - B3
POA - B4

And check out the grades that i've got!!!!!!

English - C6
Chinese - B3
Maths - C5, B3 (Retake)
Science - D7, C5 (Retake)
Geography - C6
POA - F9

Whoa i really pin such high hopes huh. Haaaaaa! I can't believe itttttttttt!!! *throws pillows all over*

And for the first o'lvls i took in Yr 2000, i think i got 27pts (5 subj). HAAAAA!! Okay then for next retake in Yr 2001, things got alot more better. I got 23pts and after the deduction of 2 points (ECA), i got 21pts!!!

For someone who's a dumb-dumb in studies, it's pretty good results already OK?? Enough to get me into NYP with a diploma in marketing.

Time really flies and without realising, i've known most of you for more than 10 years already! Incredible!! We should throw a party and celebrate our 10 yrs anniversary! =D

If i could turn back time, i would so like to return to Yr 2000! And i swear i'm gonna study like one mad woman!! ARGHHHHH at least let me have a B can???


P/s: it's already 2:23am and if i'm not talking sense here, please forgive meeee!! HAAAAA

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