Friday, October 26, 2007

Top 5, Bottom 5

Just chatted with Xue not long ago regarding a horrible movie she'd seen yesterday.

For more information, read her blog. :)

Ouh, and i've decided to blog about the Top 5 and Bottom 5 movies i've watched so far, since i'm like ultra bored at work. Wahahaha. And well, i found out i really love watching movies!

TOP 5 MOVIES (排名不分先后)

1. II Mare (Korean)

This movie really touches me! If you have not seen this movie but already watched Lakehouse, ok... because the storyline is the same. And yea, this is the original version. =)

2. He's a Woman, She's a Man (Chinese)

I'm in love with this movie totally. I can't recall how many times i've watched this but i just can't get enough of it. I'm still trying very very hard to search for the vcd/dvd. Anyone holding this?

3. 借着雨点说爱你 (Japanese)

Another heart-wrenching story; a lady that travels from the past to the future, knowing she has been married to a wonderful man, has a lovely son, but also knowing her end is near.

4. Notting Hill (English)

The movie that makes me fall in love with Hugh Grant almost like immediately; the song "When you say nothing at all" that always bring me back to the movie. "After all... I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Ouch.

5. White Chicks (English)

This movie makes me laugh from the start to the end! How the hell they make themselves from black to white? I guess this is the only movie that makes me laugh so hard till i wanna cry. =)

BOTTOM 5 MOVIES (排名不分先后)

1. 心动 (Chinese)

I spend $4.50 watching this movie and i really felt like asking GV for refund. This movie is really top XXX movie i've seen so far. However, the theme song is really good. HAHA. But why, why did Karen Mok turns out to be a LES??? gong-

2. 7号差馆 (Chinese)

Xue jio me to watch this horror movie back in our sec sch days. Supposed to be a horror movie, but turns out to be something like 刑事侦缉档案. Totally spoiled my horror mood; it's such a big letdown.

3. A Tale of 2 Sisters (Korean)

Another horror movie that cheated my money; the ending is really absurd. All along you thought something is really happening in the house, the sisters are really damn creepy, but in the end they told you it's just that girl's halluciation all along. Muahaha... we were like fools.

4. Happy Feet (English)

Surprised? Haaaa, don't be. Thru-out half of the show i'm dying to get out of the cinema. Ok, maybe in the beginning i already sorta know what they are trying to deliver. Which is, ugly penguin trying to sing and dance.

5. Crying out Love in the Center of The World (Japanese)

Another classic. Me and xue was like waiting for the movie to end! This young girl was down with some deadly illness, and the story just kept dragging and dragging like never ending...! We are supposed to be sad and feel sorry for this girl, but instead, both of us were like, "Hello?? how long more you want to continue huh??" And we laughed our way thru-out the movie, cracking some bo-liao jokes and making the row of seats shaking (Laughing)!

And yes, i watched all these bottom 5 movies with Xue. ALL OF THEM! Haaaa! Incredible huh. Please, please stop jioing me to watch these movies, although i jio-ed you for Happy Feet. Haaaaa~

So what's your top 5 and bottom 5 movies? Share with me lah, i want to read. =)

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