Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Resident Evil 3

Well, this movie is not really that impressive; i still prefer the previous series where i can see a crowd of zombies moving slowly in a building, and those alive would have to run and hide for survival.

Running out in the wild doesn't really give me the "excitement"; i like the feeling when you're trapped in a building, and you have to make your way out of the building, with danger lying everywhere.

Every corner, every room seems to have traces of the undead...

However, i think 我越老越怕看 horror movie. Used to be my favorite and i just can't resist watching them! Well, maybe the genre of movie i like is thriller more than horror. I simply love "Scream" series, "I know what you did last summer" series and others like "The pool" and so on.

There's always a group of teenagers being killed one by one, and you try to guess who is the killer behind all these act. The one who seems to be very suspicious will die straight after the first, and when you think the killer should be another person, this guy will eventually come back.

Or, sometimes when the chio babe stabbed the killer and he proceed to collapse on the ground, don't ever think that he is dead. Either the body will go missing in less than 1 minute or he will suddenly stand out with an axe or something else.

Before you can even scream, YOU ARE GONE. And yes yes yes, the horrid way to die! They always have those 变态死法 and they never fail to make my heart skip a beat.

But now, it seems that they no longer have such movies around. What that are popular right now is ghosts and zombies, sometimes supernatural power like harry potter.

Awww, i miss those movies. =)

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