Friday, October 12, 2007

Lust, Caution

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY, heard that R21 version of "Lust, Caution" is coming to SG!!!

I hope it's really true 'cause releasing NC16 version is totally dumb. I mean, even if the 18 yr old kid would want to watch "Lust, Caution", they wouldn't want the censored version isn't it??

And the main attraction of this movie is not too see how charming Tony leung is or how pretty this Tang Wei is... BUT IS THE 8 MONTHS OLD ARMPIT HAIR OF TANG WEIIIII! Well, okay... at least for me. HAAAAA!

I think currently we have this win-win situation here. Kids under 21 can jolly well enjoy their NC16 version, and we can 光明正大-ly watch the R21 version!!

And you know the reason behind my excitement?

I wanna see her armpit hair so much!!!

***** ***** *****

Xue says if the R21 version were to come in, it would be her first R21 movie. Heee, can throw a dinner already lah! 终于长大了厚!

But for me, i've already given my 'first time' to Brokeback Mountain. Well, i'm behaving like a die-hard fan of Ang Lee!! WOOOOOOO...!

Hope the uncensored version comes in quickly and PLEASE DON'T CUT ANY OF THE SCENES!!!

Are there anyone out there dying to watch Lust Caution like me? *smirk*

I think all interested right! =DDDDD

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