Saturday, October 06, 2007

My First Baking!

Heee yesterday tried my very first baking and it's surprisingly good! Well, i thought it would turn rather sucky since it's my first time. =)

I can say everything is perfect except for the frosting which we had a very hard time cracking our heads, thinking how we should make it looks good.

After all, it looks rather ok but the coloring was a bit off =.="... they are so scared after seeing the colors! HAAAAA

Pictures pictures... there you go.

Getting all prepared! These are all what we needed :) oh yah, butter and eggs are not in yet!

Cause butter and eggs are already here...!

The mixture of baking cocoa, flour, milk and of course eggs and butter.

Haaaaa the ugly frosting... supposed to be pink ok! just needed more icing sugar =)

Baby blue frosting all done!

Oven-ing! Okay the first two looks ugly 'cause the batter was too full...!

Our output! Looks really good isn't it???? Based on our standard, i think it should look 1o times uglier. Haaaaa!

Finally! The cupcakes with the frosting we've made. Looks rather different from the cupcakes in the recipe but nonetheless taste good!

These are for my colleagues, i hope they don't laugh at the lovely cupcakes....!!!

Well, next up... baking tomorrow again! Would be cookies this time round. :) Might be posting photos again if it's really good.

Till then!

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