Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So bored at work.

Sometimes i thought i'm just waiting for retirement here in my company.

Our business has been rather down these few months and i'm like going to fall asleep every now and then.

Ouh. Anyhows, we are going to sign the 'discount' contract with one of my customers very soon and i'm gonna be real busy. Well, i'm like SUPER looking forward to it. Haaaa! Busy digging invoices, doing tracking and revising all documents.

But why, why has it not happen yet?

Well, this job seems to be pretty unhealthy for me. I'm still young yea, i should look for a challenging job instead isn't it? Staying here wouldn't help at all. Totally!

I'm really going to doze off pretty soon and i hate the feeling when my colleagues look at me one kind and i feel ultimate guilty. Should i be? Or should i not since there is really NOTHING for me to do. It's not that i refused to do. Yeah. I'm also chasing after reports every now and then and these guys really treat me like idiot.

Damn it.

I should really take a few days leave and think of the direction i want to go. Working in this company is like roaming aimlessly on the streets. Ouh, i've actually roamed for nearly 2 years and i still don't know which direction i should be heading to.

Marketing? Sales? ...? What's more?

Argh, i'm tired just thinking of these!

*** *** *** *** ***

I've baked chocolate cake and biscuits last Sunday and i thought i should show it to you'all here. =) My colleagues think the cookies and cake are pretty nice but they always stop after taking one small bite.

WHY???! Not nice huh!

Maybe they just dun wan to disappoint me. OUH!

Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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