Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pictures to share...

Below are some pictures i've taken at the exhibition/ dinner sometime earlier last week... and i just wanna share since there's like nothing for me to blog about. HAAAA.

I vividly remember this was taken the first day and should be in the morning since my make up is so freaking powdery.

Erm.. this pic is not really flattering but, it's the only pic i have with the 3 of us. Hee hee.

At the dinner, with nana :)

Sorry, not very flattering again, but look at the poster on the left! =D

Me with one of the lady from the Event Organiser.

Dare not show too much of these pictures on my blog but the design of the booth is really GOOD.

DAMN GOOD!! Love it. <3<3

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