Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Time seems to slow down alot ever since i quitted that job.

It used to be => Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then Friday.

Now it's like => Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, STILL Tuesday!!

Argh, like what i say.. human just can't be satisfied. Look, when i'm working i was like dying to be out of job. And now, when i'm out of job i'm actually hoping to be employed 'cause of MONEY money MONEY!! All about the $$$!!

Well, i'm totally bored at home.. waiting for time to pass~ 12.17.. 12.18.. 12.19.. ... ... So it actually SUX to rot at home. Why didn't i understand this earlier? I was happily rotting 6 mths at home and i didn't even find it sucky?!

Or maybe, after one or two weeks i will get used to this kinda lifestyle.. and i will no longer complain, no longer look forward to any work opportunity. I will push down interviews, reluctant to find jobs, sleep all day. Ha, might as well die right.

It's better for me to get a job soon, i know.. after this period i will go back to that lazy me.

But i hate working far more than lazing around. I just need an environment with kind souls, nice lunch partners, thats all. Am i asking too much? Or this kinda environment never exist? I hate to go lunch alone, and i always look like an idiot staring into spaces when i eat.

I'm not a very hard person to get along right? In fact, i think i'm the nicest person you can ever find at work. (yes, go on.. puke!) Erm, definitely not work wise la. I will never detest anyone unless they are first to be unkind. I will never harm anyone, do anything to hurt anyone. Not even the way i speak man.

I'm not those pretentious freaks that love to backstab ppl; i'm nice to all who are nice to me. I'm a rather simple person, i don't like to gossip at work. Erm.. only after office hours lah. =)

Okay.. tell me you don't believe it, but thats the way i behave at work. Some love me, some hate me. Well.. I never get into good books of my bosses because i hate to curry favor with them. So.. i'm always at a very disadvantage position.

Whoa say until i like how good how good hor. Erm.. work wise i admit i'm not good at it, Public Relation also cannot make it. Erm.. so my only good point is that i never will harm anyone. Haaaa.

Love me... HATE me!!

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