Friday, October 21, 2005

Short or Long Hair??

Should i cut my hair or leave it as the way it is? Probably cut a little?

If i were to cut it, it would become..

short, but looks lively? Or probably i should let it grow long until like..

longggggie? 'cause my hair now is kinda not long not short yea. If i keep my hair long, i would be able to dye it and CURL it!!! Weeee~

or should i layered it abit? 'cause long short long short looks more stylish yea, it will also add volume to my hair. Erm... actually quite a number of ppl tot i will look nice with short hair but.. i really dun bear to part with my hair length now. Somemore you know the who the who like girls with long hair mah =D!

Erm, i've asked so many ppl about this, only my mum disagrees with cutting my hair. Other than that, all encourage~Yupp, they say i look more lively with short hair. =)

Awww, very big decision leh. I don't wanna regret and it takes a million yrs for my hair to grow.. (a few months also very long right!?) Hey! I have bad experience okay. =( That stupid hair cut from kim*ge. Yucks. So how, so how? Cut or not cut? =D I'm gonna dye my hair copper brown for sure. *wink*

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