Friday, October 07, 2005

Outta jobby!

Guys, i'm outta job now. YES! The bloody woman sack me, well.. thanks for getting me out of this job, tho i should be angry.

She deliberately left the company at around 3 something, then around 5pm the HR person called me over and told me this piece of news.

Seriously i'm glad that they are willing to let me resign without having to pay the compensation, but on other hand, i'm freaking angry that the bitch actually planned this. Aww, this afternoon she bloody tricked me into having lunch on my own (tho i hate to dine with them!) and after lunch, all of them behave strangely infront of me. Bloody ass. Now i know why.

My only concern is, she have so many things with me and yet she didn't want to have a proper handover. All i could do is to write her a note here and there.. LOUSY!

No matter what, i'm still happy that i will no longer be under her, no longer have to stand all the nonsense from her. But, i'm now jobless again. AGAIN!!

These 2 weeks pass really slowly, it feels like a month or so. That bitch is really driving me crazy, *phew* and now a new start. =)

Hopefully i'm able to get a job that i want, no longer customer service pls! i hate those calls.. it just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing like nobody business. Now all the calls are left for her to manage, congratulations dear.

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