Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Haiz, i hate my current job so much so much that last night i dreamt of running away from work, hiding myself in sentosa.

Funny right.

Seriously i really regret quitting my previous job for such a sucky company. Not that the job is sucky, well.. it's the colleague that totally sux to the core. Well, understand blogging about such personal things will not be safe anymore so..

I've decided to swallow everything.

SHE ALWAYS SCOLD ME LOR!! She is bloody juz a administrator!!! Ouch, i feel like punching right into her face. She say i have attitude problem, no common sense, not professional.. so on and so fourth. She must understand that this is my first job, moreover what they're paying me are not VERY PROFESSIONAL either.

She said, "Now we are lack of time. There's no choice but to push you into the water and you have to swim."

I was thinking, "How much are you paying me to swim? With that kinda pricing, i can only swim a bit."

Very la sap right. She's totally ridiculous, how can she lecture me when my manager don't even speak to me in that kinda manner? I know it's her first time to manage someone, but she can't be so arrogant right, throwing her weight around just because she's taking over what my manager is doing?

You guys ask me to fight back, say out what i really think but.. sad to say.. SHE IS MY LUNCH PARTNER sia!! How ridiculous can this be. Ouch.

Anyway, i have found the html codes for the "password enabled webby" (pw: hypergurl), meaning ppl will need to key in the password before they can enter your webbie. Sadly, i couldnt try using it coz my blogger is down, or rather my comp is down.. I'm not able to go into the template page and get anything changed so.. you guys might wanna try? =)

Guys, if i manage to start the password thingy, my password will be "unstyled" lah. Easy lah hor, then next time if i want to write something personal, i'm not afraid some funny ppl will come across it and create troubles for me.

That's it! I'm so bloody exhausted. I need a rest!!

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