Tuesday, November 01, 2005

*Cries x 3*

Hey guys, it's been a really really really long time since i last updated.. not because im waiting for the crowd to response.. =D but my comp is officially dead as in i could no longer go online and stuff like that. Erm, not even msn.. thats so very sad.

Now im using my cuzzie's comp to surf net, awww.. it juz make my job search more difficult. =(

So, read you guys' comments.. haaaa, maybe i will juz trim and layered it abit.. then curl it when it's long! Erm look mature? With my kiddy face maybe i wont look too old bah? =D

Well, after this entry maybe i will take another 2 weeks to be online bah? Erm.. unless there's someone to save my comp. =)

Life has been good, hope you guys are doing well too. If there's any gathering or parties please do sms me 'cause i might not be able to response back in email or mailing list.. =`(

I'm like so free now so if you have any vcds to lend me, please tell me! =D will appreciate many many.. Alright, im off for now.. will be back real soon, hopefully.

p/s: zihui, "my date with vampire 3" is back.. if you wanna take juz call me lah.. =)

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