Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Wahhhhh.. back from a really long day. Argh, almost died 'cause i was so tired! Yesterday went to Angela's chalet at safra changi, the location is so far from the heart of singapore but still good in some ways.. it's almost like overseas! So not singapore kinda place, very quiet, a good place to relax. =)

I enjoyed myself super much for the bowling session, ktv session and chit chatting session. Erm.. though i can't really bowl well, but it's just as exciting to see other ppl bowl and the kinda stunts they make. Kekeke. KTV session was almost like me and xue's concert! Ahhh, sing too much already.. it's all like our songs~! Haaa, next time is michelle's turn liao.. all 5566 and comic boys =D

Actually thru out the night i was already quite sleepy, didn't manage to catch a good slp the other day. When i finished my bathing i'm already like half-dead lor. Erm, so i decided to go to bed while the others are still mahjong-ing.. who knows i'm like so timid. -__-" The moment i stared out of the windows i freak myself out. Haaa, it's like so pitch dark and i can see trees moving.. Wooooouu~ Haaa, super no use.

Imagine the next day => today, i have to meet my another friend for some chit-chatting and window shopping session. Really very mentally and physically tired man. Slpt for only like 4 hours? Now i'm like completely KO already. *yawns*

And yayy~ Esther is back with us now, make sure we meet for more roti prata session alright? Heee, been waiting for my prata khakis ohhh. My lovely shushu and esther =D It's been a really long time since we had roti prata for supper. I'm gonna wait for like 2 more years to have the two folks back and have prata together. =)

Arhhh, peixin.. faster upload the pics alright? Wanna see =d

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