Monday, July 09, 2007



Okay i know it's a SUPER late post. Haaaa, i think everyone has already blog down about aubrey & sylvia's wedding except for me.

07.07.07 is really really a very special day and i believe all of us will remember this date forever; it's almost like a fairy tale~! =))))))

I guess most of the guest (who are still single) really will have the urge to get married upon seeing them saying "i do" and also the promises they've made for each other I almost wanted to fight for the flowers!

Haaaaa, and who knows it flew so high high, and "dop", it landed on someone else's hands instead. Hehe. No choice ah, have to wait till next time. =)

The dinner was great and the company was definitely good! I believe all the jie meis had so much fun on that special day! and now I'm dying to see the video.....! Haaaa =D

Really glad to be one of the jie meis; thanks sylvia for picking me! Hehe, want to say a big thank you for letting us share your a little of your happiness. =)

Hereby, i wish the both of you a HAPPY MARRIAGE!!


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