Saturday, December 03, 2005

Q n As~!!

1) What fairy tales do you think of when you see '3'?

- Cinderella (i dunno why!! maybe she has 3 step-sisters.. wahahaha)
Oh dear.. the first question is already killing my brain cells..

2) What are the 3 things you cannot live without currently?

- Handphone
- Wallet
- Keys
They have to be with me all the times, without them.. i die.

3) What are your 3 favourite books?

- The clay marble?
and my other 30 chinese novels. =)

4) What are the 3 types of things in your room that have the most quantities?

- Powerpuff girls collection
- My novels collection
- Rubbish? Haaaa, Cds

5) Who are the 3 friends who keep you sane?

- Dawn
- Fay
- Xiaoyu
I'm always extra normal when i'm with them. Haaaa.

6) Who are the 3 friends whom you think treat you as a big part of their lives?

- Rara
- Fay
- Creepykamx (i hope they do.. haaaaaa)

7) Who are the 3 people whom may think you're indispensable in their lives?

- My dad
- My mom
- My fish! Love love baobei *wink

8) Who are the 3 people whom are indispensable in your life?

- My dad
- My mom
- My sis

9) What are the 3 songs that are stuck in your head now?

- Infatuation by Christina
- All i want for christmas is my two front teeth
- Jingle bells? Alamak.

10) What are the 3 dishes you can eat everyday?

- Dumplings
- Sushi
- Omelette

11) What are the 3 things you can do everyday?

- Surf net
- Watch teebee
- Slp like pig~

12) Who do you like to go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out with the most?

- Creepykamx ('cause they rawks)
Shit, i've been there once.. haaaaaa.

13) What do you do when you go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out?

- Searching for seats
- Drinking fruit punch?
- Anyhow dance =D

14) Who are the best people to talk on IM?

- Rara (somehow her comp died.. been mths since last chat)
- Xuexue (99.9% always online eh)
- My cuz, pearlyn (Always intro new things to me online ^^)

15) Who do you think has the most patience around you?

- Felicia
- Xiaoyu
- Dawn

16) What are the 3 things that reduce you to tears almost instantaneously?

- Watching a heart-breaking drama
- Losing any of my darlings
- Being accused of things i've not done T.T

17) What features do you like about yourself?

- My eyes
- My fingernails
- Erm.. shit, no more.

18) What personality traits do you like about yourself?

- Always optimistic
- Making ppl arnd me happy~ ^^
- Not bearing grudges

19) What are you proud of about yourself?
- Waking up at 1pm everyday
- My nonsense
- That i'm able to use my left hand to paint my right hand's nails properly.

20) What do you do when you're down?

- Sleep
- Listening to songs i love
- Staring into spaces

21) What do you do when you're bored?

- Surfing net
- EAT!
- Watch teebee

23) What have you done to regret?

Uh-oh, i don't regret over things i've done.

24) What do you loathe?

- Being fat
- Liars
- Ppl out for revenge (Whoa i very drama.)

25) What will you do with a million bucks?

- Put 50% of them in a bank
- 25% under my pillow
- 25% under my cupboard
Heee, now you know.

26) What will your children's names be?

- Shelli
- Keagon
Ohhh, running out of names.

27) Where are your favourite countries?

Singapore X 3

28) What are you thinking of right now?

- When is this coming to an end?
- What can't i slp?
- What am i going to dress tml?

29) Who do you wish to see now?

- Felicia
- Zacky
- Daniel wu.. now can??

30) What are the flowers you like?

I like receiving flowers but i have no preferences.. =D

31) What are your favourite designs of clothes?

- Tank tops
- Tee
- Weird cuttings

32) What do you think are your good friends' weak points?

- Dawn (Always so not speaking up.)
- Rara (Gullible, cannot change one.)
- Fay (Even more gullible, think there's no bad souls on earth)

33) Who do you want to pass this meme to?

- Xuexue pls
- Esther pls
- Xiaxue pls (wahahahaha, this is a joke okay.)

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