Friday, December 23, 2005

Wonderful =)

Thank you guys for the wonderful dinner tonight! I had a very satisfying meal and yea, i love the photo-taking session! Thanks again for all the gifts, brownies and cards. I've read all of the cards and yes i will keep them for a lifetime. *wink

Weee, my blossom!!! I totally love it tho i had a terrible time carrying it to and fro. Her head is like sooo big. HA! Mic and kierra kept kicking her poor big head when we were climbing up the stairs. Tsk, very mean leh you guys! Now im placing her with the other blossoms.. Heee, my proudest ppg's collection.

Blossom, 4 times my head size.

Canmake eyeshadows~! YES, i need them to make my eyes GLOW! Erm.. haven tried making smoky eyes, but i guess i can try it tml? HAAA! Thanky thanky, and chocolates..! Wow, didnt expect it~ But i love this DOVE you know! Got it last yr as a exchange gift i think.. erm, i finished it within a few days. Yum yum.

Hee, i curl my hair today.. just for this occasion! Keke, i spent around an hour curling it~! Argh, my hands became so sore after all the holding and turning! Haaaa, sprayed almost a litre of the hair spray on my hair. =d The hair spray wrote => Super Hard, but i guess the holding just couldn't make it. After like for a few hours, the whole hair turn from curls to messy and frizzy hair.

See, it looks so bad after 5 hours. Haaaa and i look so old, man! Stupid hair.. makes my head look so big, so in-proportionate! Argh.. but hey, everyone was so well-dressed! Keke, happy to see everyone wearing mei mei. =) *my blusher was like soooo red lor! Heee, me bought a green tank top for the occasion too. ^^ Sorry i didnt wear the gown as promise. HAAA!

Haiz.. tml i've to go for some children's excursion at the yakult factory and stupid vegetable farm i think. =.= Imagine me, someone feeling so tired, helping out to take care of the little spoilt kids? I would be very happy if they dun scream and shout hor. =x Have to wake up at freaking 7am! Ouch, it's already 2.18 now! And I'm not even tired...

Next next day is the Christmas eve, then is X'MAS DAY! Yay, finally this season is over soon. =) I've been spending too much and i think im declaring bankrupt very soon.. i think might be sooner than xuexue lor. I can't hold out for too long, have to find a work pretty soon. Hmm.

Alrighty, lastly wanna say CREEPYKAMX rocks big time, babes! We must meet out more often okies, but maybe we can go for some steamboats or something lah.. restaurant, we will have to wait for another period of time. Whahaha~

Thanks for the gifts, you guys are really sweet. Woooo, 2005 is coming to an end. *sigh

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