Friday, December 02, 2005


I'm very excited about tml. Very and i mean very. Very very. Very very very very. 'Cause i might see him tml, and i just can't stop smiling. Haaaa, it's my friend's birthday chalet and i think he will be coming. I think he will, and i hope he will. HAAAA. At this moment i feel so silly, see the way i blog and you will know. Haaaaa.

You can't see from your comp but i'm smiling like nobody business. WAHAHA.

Yesh i'm gonna wear my make-up so thick tml so he's gonna notice me. Haaaaa. Maybe i'm gonna dance new jazz infront of him. =) Erm.. Maybe i will knock into him "accidentally" and pick up whatever things he drops on the floor. After picking them up i will pierce my eyes into his and wink at him. Haaaa~ What wild imagination i have arh?

I think the moment i see him i will blush like hell bah? Whenever i see him i will sure blush and smile non-stop. Haaaa, and whenever i did that.. my friends will know. Yea. He is around. =) Normally, i don't even raise my head up, i behave like a super shy girl. Nyahaha, why??

OMG, i dunno what i should wear tml. =( Erm what if he didnt come tml? Well.. like what i tell xuexue, xi wang yue da, shi wang yue da right? *pout* This yr's graduation i already missed the chance of getting to see him..

Heck, dun care lah. If he's there then peep at him lor, if he's not then go home and surf friendster lor.. also can see him mah.. HAHAHA.


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