Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I amazingly "on" my comp, thus here to blog since there might be no next time.

Yesh! Have been going out every day since last wednesday, and i'm still going out today. Imagine the money flying out of my pocket.. argh.. =(

This christmas eve i went watching NARNIA~! ROARRRR~ Haaaa, i love Aslan lor, voice so freaking deep and sexy. Haaaa. The four kings and queens are all crap, 'cause Aslan rules. When the witch ordered those ugly animals to cut off Aslan's fur i was so so near to exploding lor. =`(

These christmas celebrations were great, i enjoy being with everyone and YESH! i love all the pressies and cards. =) Thank you guys once again.

Guys i'm late already!! Haaaaa, tataz!

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