Friday, December 30, 2005

Best time of our lives!

Harlo harlo guys, i found a temp job! Haiz.. tho it's not any good job but i thought i could just work for the time being. It's really hard to move on without the "M" thingy. Haaaa. I need a new hp, a pair of new contact lens, more clothes and more ppg's collection! HAAA. But.. i hate to work.

Chinese New Year is coming~! Just plain thinking about it makes me so happy! It's as if i'm back to 1o years old, i'm still so excited when i fast woke up in the morning then. Also! CNY eve, helping my mommy with all the red packets thingy, slotting all the new notes..! Heee. Now my family abit on losing end yea, my parents are giving out angbaos and so is my sister. I'm the only one receiving now. =3

Guess when we grow up, alot of things tend to change. We are always so happy in the past, there's like no troubles, no responsibility, no burden.. Mom ask us to wake up, go sch, come back, eat, sleep.. life seems to be so "zi you zi zai". Now we have no one to tell us what to do, which route to choose.. suddenly we all slow down and think.. and think and think and think, like now i'm still thinking. Wahahaha.

Time is going to pass real fast when we're 20 odd. T.T Working really speed up our time, right? Without you thinking, maybe a week could have already past by! Argh.. studying is good, how i wish i can go back to secondary school huh? At that time it's just studying and studying and studying.. especially when we have the whole afternoon to slack at the void deck or nearest kopitiam.

Ahhhh. It's like already 5 years after my secondary school, how i wish if everything can start all over again? Erm.. don't regret!! Haaaa~

Alright, 2006 is coming! How fast! Argh, i'm old already. Haaaaa. I wish everyone GOOD HEALTH, ALWAYS HAPPY and most of all WEALTHY~!

*santa claus is back to finland*

* * * * *

I actually wrote about some other things in this entry, but i have decided to delete it 'cause i guess it wouldn't do much help. *shrugs*

Hope my entry bores you. Haaaa.

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