Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's already near 10am and i'm still wide awake. Didn't slp a wink last night 'cause we are not supposed to, but all KO except for me. T.T

Yayyy, it's already 01/01/2006!! Awww, so fast! Esther was saying, we are now 22 years old. Pui, we are always 21!! Haaaa, so from this yr ahead, the candles on my cake will only be: 2 big, 1 small. =)

Went to Candy house last night and yea, ate so much!! Argh, time for some dieting since CNY is just around the corner. Erm, shud stop eating all the junk food huh? and also.. my wisdom tooth is back to haunt me. Haiz, this time even heaven want me to lose weight. Haaaaa.

Alright, starting work in less than 2 days time. The more i think, i more i regret my decision of accepting the job. Well, not only the pay is less, the place is freaking far too~ and i have to report to work at 8.30am. Argh, why am i such a dumb dumb? Haiyo. Hope the colleagues are good, that's more than enough already. =)

*Well, finally finished blowing my hair~! =d Played with "Fat Choy" the whole night, i'm so exhausted. Haaaaa, think little "Fat Choy" and her owner is now Zzzzz *snore snore* Me too! Haaaa.

Happy 2006! and i love you guys alright. =)

I cried over Ice Age again last night. Haaaaa, loser right.

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