Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No title? Haaaa

Well, i think today is my unlucky day.

Firstly, i fell down the the underpass tt's leading towards yishun mrt station in the early morning. Imagine hundred pairs of eyes staring at me. Gosh, i dun even dare to turn my head to face the crowd. It's like 7.45 in the morning, supposed to be a very busy time for the working adults. Therefore.. there are so many ppl in the underpass! What the hell lor! I was wearing like nice nice with make-up, who knows. Argh.

Secondly, wahahahaha.. i dun have the guts to even say it. T.T It somehow happened between me and my bunch of creepykamx's friends. Tsk, really dunno what to say sia. Argh, i've been made an entertainment to the ladies.. Haiz, i never ever want to recall this again. Freaking embarrassing. =(

Went to see "The Heirloom" with the folks. Haaaaa, where got nice? Maybe only the male lead is worth my time watching lah.. other than that, *roll eyes* hahaha.. Somehow boring and there are parts that i couldnt understand and they are just pointless. Really. POINTLESS lor. Erm.. if you haven't watch it, dun watch. DUN!!! Wahaaha.

Weeee, i'm really excited about the upcoming event after CNY. Happy! We must take lots of pics alright. Haaaa, it's been so long since the China trip thingy. =)

Awww, so late already. Meeting mic and peixin at 7.35am tml!!! Whoa so early arh!!! Gotta go and slp already. YAwNS! Nite folks.

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