Friday, January 13, 2006

CNY *chiang chiang chiang!!!*


I supposed the four little kids are having their fun at the ktv huh. Haiz. Now i'm all alone in the room, looping my blog song.. argh.

I guess this song is a very "coldplay" kinda song yea? Dunno, seems like. Their songs never fail to bring out the emotions in me. =) ooooh, anyway found this song at someone's friendster page. After listening just for a minute i had to find out what song this is!! Hahaha, maybe the song didn't touch you at all. I mean the kinda songs i like are all weirdies. Haaaa.

One of my admirees (as in interviewee, trainee, etc) broke up with his girlfriend! Awww, how sad right. Seems like they have been together for quite sometime. The girlfriend is quite chio lah, and from what i see.. i think my guy friend shudnt be those "break up, break up lah!" kinda person. Maybe that girl dun wan him bah. Tsk, she must be blind or probably out of her mind. I think my admiree is a super perfect guy lor. He is what every girl will ask for! Charming, drives a BIG decent car, speaks in woohoo english so on and so fourth.

Tsk tsk tsk.


Chinese new year is reaching us in 2 weeks time! Weeeee!! Shiok sia! I'm having a one week break for that CNY week. So cool right?! Did i say i love my company?!?! YEA I DO! =D Erm, i wont be paid for that few days lah.. but at least i can rest!

Money come second, Rest come first right? =)

Thinking of CNY makes me sooooo excited yea. I guess the best part is that we can all dress up for that few days.. even if it's very very extraggerating kinda clothes, we can still wear them around and let those auntie uncle relatives see? Heeee, like.. i bought a jumper! Dunno if i will wear 'em after new year? Haaaa, or simply just let it go rot in the cupboard? Erm.. =D

CNY also means.. BLACKJACK! Wahhhhh, my fav activity i tell you. This year i must win alright, not gonna lose to those cousins already. Last yr i wore red undergarments but still LOSE lor. This year must wear black.. HAAAAA!

And.. I'm going to dye my hair soon! Yayy, after like for 1 and a 1/2 years of black hair i'm finally changing to something colorful. =D Yippee~ Gonna hand my hair to little jojo and mic. YAY~

*qian dance around in the room*

Wahahaha, thats it for today lah. Will blog soon.. i hope? =D

Till then!

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