Monday, December 12, 2005


Haiz, what's going on in our group? =_= it's either you not free or i'm not free. When can the 4 of us meet up? We only have 4 person in a group, why can't we arrange even one simple meal? Think it thru, when is the last time we had a decent dinner together? =( One keep going back to m'sia, the other one keeps playing missing.

Well, really hope the 4 of us will be able to meet up for x'mas eve. It doesn't matter if it's a lunch or a dinner, at least we can gather and exchange present? Auntie, you say next year you will definitely celebrate it with us, but maybe our group will spilt before x'mas.. Not that i'm trying to curse or whatever, but i really think our group is becoming smaller and smaller. =`(

I hope, really hope that we will be able to meet every week, say thursday or whatsoever for dinner. So from next week onwards, each member will rotately arrange a gathering for the week. If we are able to maintain this, then most probably we can recruit new members on the way. =)

Yesh, we have 2 new members joining us. They're like abit here nor there, but i can predict them joining us.. YES, 6 persons' group. Sound really nice huh.

Well.. x'mas is coming sooooon. That would be a super sad day for me i guess. =( No worries, will be at mic house for mahjong? Haaaa, at least i won't feel so lonely yah? Yes, let's play with money.

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