Friday, December 09, 2005

Shopping day~!

Well, at this moment i can really feel my right arm aching badly. I can still see the lines of the plastic bag holder that "cut" thru my skin. Erm.. thats the results of shopping for more than 8 hours i believe.

Yay~! I finally got the blossom plushie that i always wanted since last year~! I vividly remembered ah dawn said she wanted to get it for me the next coming x'mas (if she's working) haaaaa, but she is still unemployed. Hee, good for her also lah.. she need not spend so much =) Thanks xue, mic, esther and kierra for it! I wanted to own it for so long le.. =)

Bought so many pressie today! Although 90% of them are like not mine, but i feel happy splurging like that.. say i'm crazy or what. Haaaaa. I feel happy whenever i buy things for ppl, erm.. imagine their smiling faces when they see it? I think it's worth it. =D

Anyway i almost puke at the far east toilet today. =( My stomach got so bloated that i almost make myself throw up in order to feel better. Haiz, my gastric condition is really getting worse as years go by. Remember my poly days i was just feeling discomfort, and now i'm like half dead after taking some caffaine. Argh, next time will just bring the medicine with me. =`(

*At this particular moment, i'm applying Ammeltz yoko yoko on my poor arm.. i can't type properly =(

My son finally reached sg this afternoon~ yea, tml i'm going to see him. =))) Too bad i couldn't find anything to buy for him.. Haiz, if he's a girl there will be plenty of things to buy huh. No worries, mom bought him some power ranger look-alike toys, will pass it to him tml =D

Alright, end of blogging. Sort of lame but better than nothing right? Nyahahaha, nitez. =)

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