Friday, December 16, 2005

Life short okie

It's been a really long time since i have a decent entry. Like what i tell xuexue, when you have no life, you have nothing to blog.

All these while when i'm not working, i slowed down my pace and look at thing around me.

I realised my dad and mom have turned old. Whenever i look at their white hairs, when their complain about their health deteriorating, my heart just ache so much. Too much things happen around my friends, at our age we just have to accept whatever things that comes by. Seriously I've learnt to treasure them, 'cause you won't know what's going to happen tml.

Yesterday when i'm discussing with my mom about moving our hse 5 years later, she told me not to think so far. Tho i appeared calm and replied her with my nonsense, i was terrified when i heard her saying that.

But not just our elderly, even i myself might just die anytime.

One won't be scared of dying, they will only be afraid of seeing their loved one gone. Imagine they have to face the death of their closest person, living in a world totally without their existence?

That's pretty scary huh?

Alright, let's skip this topic for now. If i'm gonna continue on this, i'm sure to talk about nirvana and i guess everyone will be so bored yah? Hahaha =d

Okay.. today is not a good day for me, my throat is driving me crazy! Must be the curry i had for dinner last night, it's toturing me like forever. Argh, i can feel the skin like peeling off.. T.T

I tried taking strepsils, medicines, cooling drinks etc, but nothing seems to help. Ahhh, and esther have to ask me out for ktv today..!! Haiz, i can't help but to reject tho i really wanted to go. Ktv mah, KTV! It's almost like something on top of my agenda every week. =D

X'mas is reaching less than 10 freaking days and i'm down with sore throat! Argh, pls let me recover before 22th.. I don't want to order salad for my bakerinz dinner okay? Haiz, did i ever mention how much i hate sore throat? Cough, flu, fever, pneumonia.. nothing fights sore throat.

Even swallowing my saliva hurts like dunno what. Don't tell me to drink lots of plain water okay? Whenever i gulp the water down, i feel like slashing my throat to see what the hell is the problem inside. ARGH, i can't even speak loud now, it's so bad inside that i think the skin have all peeled off.

Well, at least my voice is still there. I should be thankful huh.

After this entry i dunno when i will have such a lengthy entry? Haaaa, to be compared to my other entry, this is consider lengthy alright!

Soon i will post up my new year resolutions. Tata for now.

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