Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Feet

Watch Happy Feet two days ago and it was such a letdown.

Thought the show should be like Ice Age or some other cartoons with super touching storyline and cute little animals laughing or crying in the movie.

But.. the whole show is about 2 happy feets dancing; nothing more than that.

The penguins don't look cute in the movie, and there's completely no storyline. Me and Xue was like rolling our eyes thru-out the later half of the movie.

For me i think the storyline is way ridiculous but not for the other three lah, i can see that they have a good time laughing. And they enjoyed it! Wahaha, Xue... why like that.

I know i was the goon who wanted to watch this movie at first but i didn't know "Happy Feet" really means happy feets; two dancing feets. Dance dance dance dance. Dance with dad, dance with girlfriend, dance with the crowd, dance for the human then finally the human decides to retreat and return them the fishes.

Arh please.



See my 1st and 2nd present from Da Bian Xue.

Day 1: Guylian Milk Strawberry Chocolate. Hmmm, looks good.

Day 2: Japanese incense. Well, not sure when it will be put into good use huh. HAAAA burn your things then probably will have to use it. Hehe.

Alright, thats for now. Will try to update frequently to upload the pic of the pressies. =)

Till then.

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