Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year Resolutions

It's going to be a NEW YEAR again! Goodbye 2006 and welcome 2007. Hope you're my friend and not my foe okie. Wahaha. i think 2006 wasn't a really good friend of mine. =)

Every year end i force myself to come out with 10 new year resolutions and i always hope i'm able to achieve it in the coming year.

Previous years i don't think i fulfilled any, so let's look at my 2006 resolutions and see if i've accomplished any. =)

On 25/12/2005, i wrote:
*Please see remarks in RED

1) Find a GOOD job with GOOD colleagues
Okay, in fact i have nothing to complain already. Sometimes they're really good.

2) Dieting.. down to 42 *top of my list every yr =)
Bloody hell, i don't even want to talk about it.

3) Enjoy my life as much as possible
I don't even know how to define "enjoy". Maybe yes maybe no.

4) Be kind to all
I think i fulfilled it! ... until i was bullied.

5) Learn to appreciate and not take for granted
Trying, trying... :)

6) Learn from mistake and not repeating them again and again
Yes, everytime i fall, i learn.

7) Treasure my loved ones
YES! Always treasure them!

8) Make more friends
Didn't fulfill this at all. No new friends so far.

9) Earn more money alright!
Seems like i'm earning more but spending a lot more as well. So... no savings. Ouh.

10) Learn dancing.. New Jazz? =)
HAIZ. Esther... outram so far right!

OKAY! Seems like i only accomplished like 4 of them. Not bad not bad, there's still room for improvement so... let's take a look at my 2007 New Year Resolutions.

1) Weight down down down down! At least 46 please.
2) Smile more. Colleagues are complaining tt i look glum everyday!
3) Do not bear grudges. Learn to L-O-V-E.
4) Save money for my travel fees.
5) Accept new challenges. Face them bravely.
6) Enjoy more quality time with families and friends.
7) Learn something new. Be it a language or dance or whatever. Need to enrich myself.
8) Eat healthy! More vegetables and maybe FRUITS.
9) Read more books.
10) Re-building my strong character. (now i'm like a weakling! i hate it.)

Complete! I hope i'm able to accomplish all of them. Erm maybe more than 5 would already be a miracle? =) Ah mic says New Year Resolutions are meant to be broken.. Ouh. But i very itchy hand lah! Haaaaaa know that i will break them yet i still write 10. Tsk tsk.

Okies! 3 more days to 2007!!!

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