Tuesday, December 26, 2006

X'mas x'mas

Had so much fun these few days, not to mention.. i had too much food as well! HEEE, i basically lose control and i really ate damn ALOT.

Went The Melt last saturday, the food was so-so but the company was great! I ate lotsa salmon and i hope the dinner is worthwhile 'cause i hadn't been stuffing myself with the food spread.. erm mainly salmon, ice-kachang kosong and some others. wahaha. =) the buffet wasn't really expensive, thanks to esther's citibank card yea.

After the satisfying dinner, we went to watch Death Note 2 and it was SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT because my dear Raito died! He was like the male lead of the story thus i couldn't believe they just end his life like that. Well, after seeing L died, seriously i felt better 'cause at the very least my Raito is not alone. Wahaha. Even at the end of the show i was hoping he could sort of come back to life.. but he didn't. Ouh.

On x'mas eve, me and my poly mates went over to Orchard Parade Hotel to stay for a night and we bought lotsa food back to the room! We had Sashimi Sushi and Honey Roasted Chicken for dinner...! Wahaha i just kept eating and i really couldn't stop myself from stuffing them into my mouth. Yum yum.

At around 11.30pm, we went down to Orchard Road to see how crazy singaporeans can be. We found a very good location, just standing besides the Police force thus no one with the foam-spraying thingy dares to come near us. HEE.

At 12am, basically everyone went crazy and they started spraying the odd smelling foam at each other. I also spotted a young girl who's in her dad's car, bravely sprayed the smelly foam at one of the policeman who was on duty. After spraying at the police, the car drove away almost immediately, leaving the poor policeman and his colleague helping him to clean off the foam. Haaaa what a sight man! To be compared to the victim, the colleague's face was totally black. He must have find such behavior ridiculous. Erm, but was quite funny lah. Wahaha. I have to say i had a good laugh. =)

On X'mas day, i went over to my sister's place for our very own X'mas dinner. Cold prawns, roasted chicken and many many many more. Wahaha, girl girl took quite a no. of fotos with the x'mas tree...! Soon after the dinner, i was so exhausted that i fell asleep on the sofa... and i go zzzzzzz on the way home. Erm strangely after i on my computer, my energy came back! Haaaaa but after a while the zzzzzzz feeling came back again. Lousy.

That's how i celebrate my x'mas i guess.

Boring entry but i thought it's interesting to share yea. Hopefully i'll spend my x'mas meaningfully every year. =)


P/S: Please stop raining. My left eyebrow kept being washed away!

Last 2 Pressies...

Day 23: Neck Mask.

Day 24: Face Mask.

Thanks Xue for all the 24 pressies. Will put them into good use/ eat them all up soon but i need some time! Wahaha. Really want to say thanks thanks. =)

Awww, time to sleep. Nites... till then.

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