Saturday, December 09, 2006

Loggie Cake

Logcake Logcake.. Blueberry flavor! Was given from some suppiler to our office but didn't get to eat it 'cause i was supposed to be on diet. Wahaha...

Must be damn nice arh. =)


Pressies for the last few days...

Day 4: Orange Aerated Water. Taste quite nice and most imptly.. low fat~!

Day 5: Almond Choco Stick.

Day 6: Bottle of Scented Flowers. Fake flowers of 'coz but still... =)

Day 7: CHOPSTICKS??? Isn't this supposed to be one of peixin's pressie??? HAAAA

Day 8: Peach flavor's candy...

Day 9: Pocky Pocky. MILK flavor huh.. so weird. HEHE i love Vanilla! =D

Okay off to bed now, after one week of working it's really tedious.. I need a break soon.. Awwww.

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