Saturday, December 16, 2006


Day 10: Peach aerated water. NICE. Btw where to buy! Haaaaaaa

Day 11: Panda Land Biscuits.

Day 12: YanYan cheese.

Day 13: Magic Cards. Read the instruction but couldn't understand. Maybe we need to sit down together to master the trick. =)

Day 14: Vitasoy. Healthy healthy.

Day 15: Hello Kitty's pouch. KAWAII.

Day 16: MARSHMALLOWS! OMG i tell you i could already smell it when i brought the paper bag home! HEEEE i want to eat it up already!


Took 2 days leave on Thurs and Fri but ended up cancelling the leave twice.

I don't know what happened but i used to be such a happy worker few months back. Now, i'm suffocating with all the work loads from my boss, my boss' boss and my boss' boss' boss.

They are throwing me with all kinds of funny work and expect me to do on a weekly or monthly basis for them. Even my boss got a shock when he knew what i was doing for the rest. Now i don't even have enough time to do his work. Damn, i was supposed to assist him, not the rest??

Pardon me, just let me complain a little bit.

Getting so tired over all this things. I have people calling me regarding work on my official ANNUAL LEAVE. Not once, not twice, but many many times. I mean why, why can't they just be more independent?

I don't think i'm indispensible. It's just that they're so used to being spoon feed that they totally forget how to do things by themselves.

I hope my bosses know what i'm going thru and they're willing to lighten my work load else i can NEVER go on leave on a peaceful mind.

I was doing OT for straight 3 days and i'm still working till wee hours these 2 days. Does anyone appreciate all the efforts that i put in?

I have my mind thinking about my work almost everyday and that's why i thought i could go for a little break and have a good rest. BUT i ended up cancelling my leave again and again and all i have for reply was, "A bad timing for Leave."

Ridiculous. I thought he said i could go for one week's leave. LIAR.

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