Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Gosh, it has been so long since my last update. It's like more than a month ago... haaaaa but i'm back again, with pics to show. =)

Last week i went Penang for my company Quarterly Staff Meeting; the trip was okay but time was a little tight. Not much place to go, only the beach and the temple on top of the hill. Hee.

Horizon! and two funny boats floating around.

My hotel room. Super big! One queen size bed and one single bed. BATHTUB and extended balcony. Chio arh. =)

The Goon and the beach. With this kind of wearing you'll know i'm at the wrong place. Or okay! Something is wrong with me.

The temple on top of the hill with the pagoda welcoming us.

The view of Penang from the Temple. See the tallest building? Yah, dunno what it's called.

Me and my colleague, as close as sisters BUT ONLY AFTER WORK, 5.30PM. Haaaaa, she's a fun one to be with. She's lovely~~

Me with my another colleague. Her husband is the one behind. Hmmmm...

My another funny colleague, "twist" his fingers because he said i always do it when taking pics. Wahaha, okay....

Me and Anna taking pics at the lift area. The mirror is so big that i can't resist taking a "zi pai" pic there. Please do not be mistaken that my tummy is that big. JUST ANGLE EFFECTS.

And happy me! Going to the beach....!!

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