Wednesday, July 26, 2006


*Under-going dieting plan......

I'm now a permanent staff of my company.

Erm.. not sure if i shud be happy or not? HA.

Anyway, now i have to learn to be the "brother" of the sales team. Given that all my "bosses" are male, i have to "ru xiang sui su", tho i really ENJOY being "taking care-d" by them. =)))) Seriously at this moment i'm STILL quite happy working there yea. Thanks to my bosses, they really treat me like their "daughter". ^^ Now i must be strong also! Being the brother of the team, i have to assist them like a man. Yes, like a man. *wink

WOOO my neighbour's daughter-in-law just gave birth to a baby girl yesterday! *screams* When is my sis' turn??? HAAA, their estimated delivery date is supposed to be quite close each other yea. And now! ONLY LEFT MY SIS!!! Damn, she must be damn anxious right now. Muahaha, used to have someone of the same delivery period with her but now she's left fighting the "battle" alone!

*I'm just too high.....

She's staying with us during her confinement period but we and my mom find no chance to help clean her old room yea. There are so much things occupying her room, even the playpen can't fit in. Wahaha. Damn, i have to get the SCV soon! There are just too many things yet to be done man! =))))

I've to really take a few days off to clean me and my sis room. KEKE.

I can't explain our excitement~~~~

*Giggling happily at the screen.....

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