Sunday, July 16, 2006


Weeeee, took me pretty long to blog again.

As what i always say, when one has got no life, one has completely nothing to blog about. Erm.. like my case? HAHA.

Anyway, went movies with Xue juz now! Ouh, it's been quite sometime since my last movie, The Nun. As usual, we went for scary genre of movie.. it just turns out pretty low-class. (as in the plotting of the story) Nevertheless, the sound effect was scary enough for me.

Well, when did the western countries start having these "ghost ghost" kinda movie? It all used to be those "Independence", "Armageddon", "I know what you did last summer", "Scream", not once i remembered i have seen a english ghost movie until like recently => Sadako. I think it's kinda like a trend yea?

Erm back to the topic, we went for "Boo" at Lido Orchard. The place or rather the cinema is damn terrible. Hate the screen => damn small, i rather watch at home seriously. Sound effect wasn't too good either, i still prefer Yishun GV leh.


So next time you guys know where i want to go for movies. =))))

Rating of the movie, "Boo" => 3 stars, still cannot be compared with Emily Rose and The Last Train. Remembered i had a super hard time sleeping after watching Emily Rose. Emily Rose is so freaking frightening right man!! =`( The moment i closed my eyes, the images of Emily being twisted just keep flashing on my mind. *shivers


Anyway, regarding my previous blog entry... i rejected the offer. I have just started not long ago in my this company, things have just started to pick up thus i cannot leave like that yea.

Also because of my feelings for the company.. the environment and everything. I guess i will regret if i really leave my company and start afresh else where. I sure cannot survive on my own yea, as now i'm pretty dependent on my boss.. =`(

I guess it's time for me to learn how to be independent. *wink

Alright, it's like going to be almost 2am now! Mic and Shushu is coming back on Sunday right? Heeee, soon getting to cya guys le~! Damn glad!

The mahjong gathering is finally back on action i guess.

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