Thursday, July 06, 2006


Someone approached me for another job.

I have to say it's my ultimate wish to enter that company ever since i graduated.

I was more than delighted to hear that they actually did consider me, and i agreed to go for interview too. But something is really troubling me right now.


And i can't make the decision.

I know i've always wanted to leave the company, but see.. i've been working there for half a year already. I've feelings for my colleagues, my work, the environment, even the shuttle bus. My boss treats me good and trust me alot as well. I cannot imagine how he will think if i bring this up, he will probably regret for all the things he did to help me all these while.

I'm really struggling so hard.

Maybe i will just go for that interview, but i'm afraid what if the offer is too good and when they talk me round and blah blah blah, i will actually agreed to it?

But if i were to reject the job offer, will there be a second chance?

Obviously not.

I always complicate matters and i don't know why. Things that are so easy often appear to be so hard for me. I need someone to give me comments but i know in the end i will still be the person facing the problem. Only i can decide, others can't do it for me.

Goodness, i hate to make choices.

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