Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baby clothes!

Firstly, please pardon the lousy resolution of my phone before we start.

1. 4 big bags of baby clothes and necessity.

I can only say... ALOT. No joke.

2. Sorting Sorting.

Sorting to see which are for 0 - 6 mths and 6 mths to 1 year old.

3. The young parents.

Super duper big stomach, i love love.

4. The present all the way from Japan!

It's the thought that counts. =)))

5. Precious Moment

Ouh, i love this the most!

6. Hello Kitty

Still cute yea. Girl girl will love it.

7. Minnie Mouse

Arhhhh, Kawaiiii.

8. Folding the clothes..

These are for 6 mths and above.. totally enough for Girl girl i think.

9. Going into the washing machine!

These are for 0 - 6 mths. Super big bag man. HAAAA, can't wait for girl girl to wear them all.

Counting down.. 1 MONTH! =)))))

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