Saturday, June 24, 2006


I'm tagged I'm tagged.

1. Do the following WITHOUT complains.
2. Leave a tag on the person tagboard to say he/she have been tagged
3. Start your post with ?I have been tagged!?

favourite colour: PINK
favourite food: japanese
favourite song: What hurts the most, super nice!
favourite movie: hell lot, to named a few.. Formula 17 & Brokeback~
favourite sport: i dun do sports.
favourite day of the week: has got to be fridayyyyyy
favourite season: autumn
favourite ice-cream: erm.. dun really like ice-cream.. maybe those cheapo red bean ones =)

current mood: down. super sick with head super heavy.
current taste: nothing...
current clothes: PPG, yesh.
current deskstop: moon and stars
current toenails: gold in color, all falling off.
current time: 9:47pm
current surroundings: blue painted room, a laptop infront.
current annoyances: my throat is burning
current thoughts: i probably have to see a doc before mahjong tml.. ='(

first best friends: meiqin, arlin. (right?)
first crush: woopx, same name as kierra's first crush. (i dun think they're the same person. HA)
first movie: i forgot... Titanic?
first lie: i can't trace them.
first music: Yes, it's twinkle twinkle. I got a D for tt, coz i only know how to sing the first, second verse. HAHA, until like NOW!

last cigarette: smoke-free environment
last drink(alcohol): whoa... erm one mth ago.
last car ride: last week i guess. So kelian right.
last crush: nil.
last movie: The Nun.
last phone call: yesterday with my babbbbbbbby =) (*rara. She hates it when i call her tt, haha)
last CD played: all Mp3 songs leh

Have you ever
have you ever dated your best friend: nah
have you ever broken the law: definitely.
have you ever been arrested: gosh, no!
have you ever skinny-dipped: hell no.
have you ever been on tv: i remembered i did some stupid pose for the goggles thingy. Not sure if it's on air. [Goggles~!]
have you ever kissed someone you don?t know: no.

5 things you are wearing: ring, specs, necklace, tee and shorts.
4 things you done today: online, msn, neopets-ing, sing along with my mp3 songlist.
3 things you can hear right now: SHE's song, something banging.. think someone kicking football? thats all i think.
1 thing you do when you are bored: look into the mirror. HAHA

I now tag: (damn, all taken by kierra!) Hahahaa..

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