Friday, June 09, 2006

English Name

Time passes really fast, my sis is going on a delivery soon! From my understanding, it should be around mid august, that makes the baby girl LEO. Erm.. Leo girls' characteristic should be quite good yea? Just not that horoscope will do. HA!

My sis entrusts me and my cousin to come out with the English name for the baby girl, but all the names that run thru my mind happens to be for baby boy~ So i have completely no idea, seriously, maybe only some and my sis has REJECTED most of them. HA, i think i'm still better in choosing boy's name. ^^

And all of you guys reading my blog, if you happen to think of any nice names pleasssse kindly help to provide them and let me know yea! For myself, i think Camy is rather nice...

My cousin came out with a few, and almost 90% i'm not able to pronounce them correctly. Strangely, i guess the problem lies with me. Remember the "OX" Prawn?! Yea, right. Haaaaa, if i can't even pronounce them properly, i guess my mom won't be able to pronounce them too. I once asked her to pronounce "Xavier" and she said "Zei-berrr" *faints*

Currently, we have been addressing the baby "Lin Qiao Niu" (due to Xiao S' Xu Qiao Niu) and Carrot Lim 'cause we think it's pretty funny to name her under fruits and vegetables. HA~ HILARIOUS! FYI, My mom came out with the Carrot thingy 'cause she can't pronounce Charlotte. HAAAA~ at least she didn't say chocolates. =d

Can't wait for her arrival man!

P/s: is Xena a nice name? Need her to be strong and healthy like Xena. Muahaha.

Xena, The Warrior Princess.

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