Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mentally STRESSED.

It's been a while since i last blog, well.. not that i don't want to blog, it's just that i'm pretty sick of the blogskin and the irritating pop-ups. I was actually waiting for a better blogskin before i start writing, seems like i couldn't find any. Heee, thats why i choose a rather old blogskin but nevertheless cute and PINK!

Finally i'm able to blog again! Arh, hasn't been actively online for like so long. Didn't managed to blog about my life nowadays.. it was horrible. Horrible as in HOR-RI-BLE. I'm totally stressed up these two months and it's like pushing my limits.

My work used to be so carefree and i have nothing much to worry. Report work at 8.30am, go home at 5.30pm.. everything repeats over and over again.

Maybe i shouldn't ask for too much.

There's some minor shuffle in my company, and i was asked to assist another department for the time being. I wasn't quite willing at first but thinking that i might be doing different things.. i agreed but still, feeling insecure as i'm not quite familiarized with my "boss" at that time.

Things went on rather smoothly at first , BUT everything changed after like one month or so. I think i'm the 導�線 of the whole incident, but definitely not the cause for it. I started to see ugly sides of ppl, hearing ppl speaking ill behind my back, being backstab again and again, and also ppl giving me cold-shoulder when i did nothing wrong at all..!

Totally screwed up.

The person who "backstab" me used to be someone that i always share my little jokes with, always helping her when she's tight with work, always there to make her day but I DUN THINK SHE APPRECIATE WHAT I DID.

She even 扭曲 the things that i say and report them to the management.

Gosh, i never know she's this kinda person and i'm getting really tired day by day. I very much wanted to go but i think i shud be responsible for my work, i shouldn't just leave like that. Moreover, i'm wronged by them, WHY SHOULD I EVEN LEAVE? Doesn't that makes me like.. leaving of guilt??

Right now, i couldn't care too much. I have no more strength to get angry over what they made up, no more energy to defend myself.

I guess my boss is even 100 times è¡°. What he's facing is definitely more "challenging" then mine, that results in my determination to stay in the company.

Ouh, i guess females are normally more sensitive to all these issues. How i wish i could be super insensitive and carry on working without trying to please all.. but that's sure to sour the relationship and lead to more explosion. Now even small friction will create unexpected EX-PLO-SION.

Well, i can only tell myself that ��我�好我的本份��我的�利謠言 will �攻自破 and things will definitely improved. HA, i really do hope so. Nevertheless, i'm going to start flipping papers and do some job-surfing..

And besides 2 of my colleagues, I TRUST NO ONE.

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