Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"I'm so tired of my routine life now => wake up, working, home, sleep. I know working has to be like this, but i just hope to have a little surprise in my daily working life. *shrug*"

Remember i blog about this in one of my entry? I think god heard me.. 'cause there are some surprises going on currently for me. It's not a good thing at all 'cause i'm definitely not happy with the "surprises" or arrangement. It's kinda like against my wish but i have like no choice so.. my sky is pretty greyish right now. *tian hui*

Let's drop this topic. T.T

Alright, someone is back from Liverpool huh? Heee, she is almost back for almost 5 days but i've not met her still! =( Lets go out for some prata nite okie? Erm.. chicken rice dinner is alright for me too! Meet up meet up meet up :)

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