Thursday, March 30, 2006

Olddd b'day

Yes it's been a freaking long time since i last update. Not much of a choice since my computer so dead.. will get it fixed soon, i hope. =)

and.. YES today is my b'day!! =D SO OLD... Heee, time passes really fast huh? It's like not too long ago i just organize my b'day chalet and now it's another b'day. >.<"

Alot of things happened in between, i realised i'm indeed happier when i'm studying. Erm, though i'm leading kinda no-stress life now, my future is still unknown. I'm so tired of my routine life now => wake up, working, home, sleep. I know working has to be like this, but i just hope to have a little surprise in my daily working life. *shrug*

Sometimes i feel vexed just by thinking which way i should go..

Maybe someone can enlighten me and guide me to nirvana pls.

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