Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blogging.. in office!

Well, now here am i.. blogging in the office.

Haaaa, haven't been blogging nowadays 'cause there's like kinda no mood to blog. Heee, since now i'm not pack with work.. let me update things that're going on. =)

There's finally going to be a baby in our house! Weeee, finally we can stop staring at other babies! Haaaa, really quite excited and looking forward to her arrival. YES! HER! Akan datang in about 5 more months! ^^

Whoa these 2 months at work is really a nightmare to me. I ACTUALLY INCREASE 4 FREAKING KGS! I should really control my diet yea. Argh, but i guess no use huh.. i just ate the stupid 933 golden pillow. For your info, it's curry chicken with bread. Needless to say it's very very very fattening okay.. T.T

Haiz the more i think of losing weight, things i eat juz turn out to be more fattening. WTH.

Okay la, i better start working before anyone caught me blogging. Heee, good day all =)

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