Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Awkward Silence.

Just now when i'm on my way back home on the mrt, i witnessed the most dramatic scene of year 2006 just right in front of me. Free show! Haaaa, they behaved real awkwardly. 2 young teens boarded the train at Bukit Gombak, both dressed in white shirt and black skirt. Waitresses at some restaurant i guess.

X: I love the "Pi Ba" chicken from malaysia!
Y: Really?
X: Yah! The skin so crispy.. so nice..
Y: I agree, i like that dish too.
X: So crispy so sweet.. I like it alot.
Y: Yah.
X: I really like it alot, very nice leh... *thinking about next topic* <= can see from the speed of her talking =D


Y: Other than that, what other dishes you had there?
X: Oh! I ate the "Tian Ji" and others.. *nodding her head*

For a moment X was looking up and Y was looking around, then X initated to start a new topic.

X: You drive in Malaysia?
Y: Yah.
X: Wow!
Y: Why?
X: Oh.. nothing. Hehe. So smart.
Y: Go learn lah.
X: Erm.. not now maybe a few more years...

... Silence.

X: So... do you have planation of your own in Malaysia?
Y: No.
X: Oh...
Y: Used to have papaya trees but i guess we dun have it now.
X: Those kampong days my grandma used to have durian trees leh! *excited all of a sudden*
Y: Really? Wow, sure needs a lot of place.
X: Yah lor..

Then again, awkward silence. Probably 15 seconds with you looking around and me glancing outside the windows. Eeks, even i feel the uncomfortable atmosphere surrounding.

X: ... Do you keep dogs?
Y: No. But last time i used to have a dog that's quite funny looking. Erm.. short legs with long body.
X: Wah, then i think the dog will have a very hard time walking.
Y: Yah, once he wanted to climb the stairs but i think it's too tough for him.. so he kept jumping. Haaaaa.
X: Wahahaa. So... does he have a hard time walking?


X: Eh, you can buy bread then "kiap" the dog, then it will become a hotdog!
Y: =.="
X: Wahahaha *finds it really funny*
Y: You are juz like Jess, so pervertic.
X: Why? She eat dog meat arh? *pretend to be stupid*
Y: Nah, she said she like human meat. So gross.
X: Haaaaa, no lah. Although i say this but i dun eat dog one. Really! Dogs are really cute animals. *Act stupid again*
Y: Oh. =.="
X: Last time there was one dog that bit me leh! Whoa, i'm now like quite afraid of dogs. But i like dogs leh. Erm, prefer dogs over cats.
Y: Oh is it..
X: Yah..

... Dead silence.

Y: Erm.. i'm alighting.
X: Okay.. bye bye.
Y: Bye.

Once Y finished the last sentence, both of them looked away. X seems to have let out a sigh of relieve. phew..... Well, thats why i rather avoid ppl that i'm not familiar with. Avoiding is better than squeezing out topics and acting like you're so interested in chatting with the person. Haaaa, sometimes i just see here see there pretending i've missed that person in the crowd. Pls forgive me 'cause i don't want the other party to feel the same way too. Very awkward yea, very stressful too..

In case you really have to meet up with someone you're not that familiar with, bring a checklist of topics you wanna share. Heee, shud be able to save you from the awkwardness! *wink

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