Friday, February 17, 2006


Whoa, it's been sometime since i last update huh. =D Well actually i tot of uploading the photos in my blog, but on a second thought, i think it's better not to expose them. You'all shud be able to understand why? Haaaaaa.

Alright, these days i've been working, going out, working, going out, i simply have no time for myself. The kinda time i'm talking about is when i can sit down, watch a few vcds or read some novels, enjoying the peace around me. Wahahaha, also when i can slp at 4am and freaking wake up at 2pm still wanting to sleep more. Well well well, guess i can no longer lead this kinda life anymore...

Haiz, just bought a ear-phone for my mp3 thinking my old one was spoilt.. it just turn out to be the stupid mp3 that's spoilt. ARGH. WASTE MY MONEY. But the new earphone is kinda cute and sweet. Erm.. but i have to get a new mp3 soon. =) New phone, new mp3, new camera.. Haaa, how can i get so much money huh. Haaaaa, anymore 10 million totos? =D

Oh yah! Rara read my blog and she complaint that she's not mentioned here. Now i shall say, RARA RARA RARA RARA RARA RARA RARA RARA RARA RARA RARA, you are now mentioned!!! Haaaa, must wear nice nice then we go out together hor. And.. pls meet up pretty soon!!

Erm, joke of the day. *while you still can laugh, laugh first alright.*

A loaf of bread.

Ms Swannn is a real big eater, she can eat 3 bowls of rice for every meal. (Adds up to 9 bowls a day.) One sunny morning she bought a loaf of bread to work..

"Ms Swannn.. can you finish one loaf before the expiry date??" Colleague peeped at the expiry date which is no more than 3 days away.

"Arh? This is my breakfast..." And while she's saying, she folded one plain bread into her mouth and started munching away. She generously took out a piece of bread and hand it over to her colleague. "Eh, no thanks--" Before the dear colleague could even finish her sentence, Ms Swannn stuffed another bread into her mouth, smiling away..

Haaaaa, not funny right. Supposed to be a little joke among us. Haaaaaa.

Alright, i'm going for my daily blog reading.. So, tataZzz. *grin

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