Thursday, February 09, 2006

The adorables.

Here, presenting you my dear son..

Long Long, the King-Kong style.

With his favorite "Robin", heard tt this robin wasn't really a "hero" kinda character.

Frown, yesh. Go on. =D

Long with one of my best looking cousin. Haaaa.

Long with my another cousin, he said she's the prettiest among us. ARGH.

And next, *drum rolls* my neighbour's grand-daughter, Sophia. SHE IS FREAKING CUTE! You have gotta open your eyes and look at her!

So cuteeeeee!

Watery eyes hor, so big.

Sophia with my mom =D

Weeee, we love her so much.


Smiling, like me! HAAAAA.
Going Genting tml, i will take lots and lots of pics there alright. =) That's for today! Will update soon, i hope. Haaaaa, till then.

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