Sunday, August 06, 2006


Presenting you...

This is what happens if you accidentally get contact with the teeth of the escalator steps.

You get those funny parallel lines on your skin, you almost cried your leg touches the water. T.T The best of all is that, you get ugly scars on your legs!!! SUCKS.

If you sees the picture and find my sayings too exaggerating, i recommend you to see the next photo to have a clearer view of what's going on.

Have you taken your meal?

Oh, just being courteous. =)))








This is what happens after a week of hopeless medications.

The color of the lines darkens and "ORH CHE" (blueblacks) can be seen at the bottom of the injuries. Gosh, how am i able to wear skirts to work? My feet is already ugly enough, now SCARS. The fear of having those funny parallel scars frightens me to death man. EWWWW nothing helps at all!

Now the injuries hurt no more, but my heart aches like mad. T.T

When will the scars go off? I don't want to wear pants forever. Argh, how long would it take to recover...

Some of the parts are swollen and itch very much.

Maybe the next time you guys see me, my whole left leg will be super swollen and flys can be seen sticking on the infected parts. HAHA. Gross isn't it.

Any recommendation of medications you guys have tried and it recovers super fast?? PLEASE HELP! Argh.

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