Friday, August 11, 2006

Hazel Baby

Hazel Baby, you don't know how much yee-yee love love~! Yee-yee can't wait to see you again tml. Yee-yee wants to carry you, yee-yee wants to take you home =)

Happy Birth Day, baby. You're so adorable that i think you're the cutest thingy on earth. Your every little moves makes yee-yee smiles.

Daddy and Mommy love you so much, mommy couldn't keep her eyes away from you. You're here to make our life different, you should know we all love you yea. Nevermind your granny who's busy copying down your tag number for 4D, she loves you too. Wahaha.

Okay! Will be there to see you again tml, baby. Yee-yee is going to buy lotsa things for you alright! You must be good good! See ya tml, baby =)

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