Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2nd Anniversary =X

Tomorrow, 3rd Jan '08, will mark my second year in my company.

Joined this company since 3rd Jan'06... alot of things have changed in these 2 years. I'm getting a little sick of my routine work and ugly sides of this company.

I see more challenges coming but it's gonna invite gossips if i really work hard for it.

They're gonna hire another manager and i'm not too sure if he would be as knowledgable as my ex-boss? I don't want to be under someone who cannot manage his work well. Hehe.

Heard from my director that they're interviewing some candidates currently and the most capable guy they've interviewed needs to serve another 3 months before he can join our company...

3 months. I would have been dead by then.

Now i have to take over some of the roles from my ex-boss and it's things i doesn't like to do! My director is calling and smsing me during my leave and public holiday, which makes me feel like i'm working from home instead of having a holiday!

I guess being a Sales has no holidays huh. BUT I'M NOT EVEN ONEEEE! I'm just standing in for the new Sales guy! Awww, my phone inbox is like full of his smses...

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